Our new characters/GM and campaign!

From: Scott Rogers <amaretto_sirloin_at_...>
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 16:34:34 -0000

Hi all,
Well last night saw the start of our brand new campauign with Bill narrating in Bens' place, while Ben plays. Everyone rolled up new characters using the 100 word/keyword system (We play RQ3!) all based around a "team" theme or a "traditional adventurer party".
The party are members of the Cold Wind Alliance (who are currently being harried and attacked by Titius and his moonboats.)and in order to move around unworried, they have formed a travelling troupe of players and performers. This also has the added benefit of bringing in cash! The Acrobat "Wel-Hung Chung" is an assasin and catburglar from Kralorela who knows the secret "Spider Climb".(Rick) The Prize -fighter is Curius Ban-Eel, an ex- Lunar Captain who was wrongly accused and tried for a crime he did not commit (A-Team anyone?) and has found his vengeance in the form of Humakt, turning his back on Yanafal Tarniis and the Lunar way. He swears to kill the Coders Julan and Yarik one day.He uses a magical shield named Turnspear and his Gladius is Humakt blessed.(Scott)
The singer is a strange, unapproachable sorceror who didn't know he could sing and knows the spell "Silly Girl", which makes foes worry about mussing their hair, breaking nails and the like. (Drew) There are two more characters belonging to Ben and Matt, but I didn't learn much about them in this first session. We are headed for Bagnot amid military patrols (AGAIN) and need to deliver plans for Seige Ramps into the hands of The Cold Winds' "Engelot the Baker".
At the end of the session ,we learned that he and every other Cold Winder is DEAD.
The Lunars now know we have the blueprints, they are actively hunting for the "Deserter"(Curius)and the people we have to deliver the plans to aren't there. Great.
So, we're gonna do some juggling and stuff till we think of something! (Or they find us......)            

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