Trash talking sufferer needs counselling

From: chaosstomper <drew_at_...>
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 19:32:50 -0000

Hey bub's

Just caught up on what's been happening (or not as the case maybe).

I guess that the Scotty and Benjie show just became too much for you all, ah well try putting up with it full time for years. I for one would just like them to get the bum sex over and done with and then maybe we can actually play RQ.

Quick update on our game, now that Billy Bob is GM there has only been one character death which as it turns out wasn't "Pernament" (sorry in-joke) Matty's character was speared by a few Lunars in a Moonboat while chasing a woman (I told you that would be the death of you, but you wouldn't let it lie) luckily he was ressurected with the help of a Wind Lord and his Golden Fleece.

After my character "Torbrook" had stolen a grimwoire and learned the spell of Golem creation (I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night, I had a spell that made me stronger.....ahem),we infiltrated a tower protecting the entrance of the catacombs where King B is supposedly being held.

Of course this prison is now flckering between the real and Gods plane so we gotta book an shift our arses.... but the S&B saga continues so we haven't played for a while.

So finally I get to my point. It's my birthday on the 25th (Happy Bday to me) so we are playing on Sat 24th after we have been to the Tod Beer Fest yeah I know bad idea but hey wotyougonnado.            

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