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From: Mike <deepthoughts1126_at_...>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 21:01:13 -0000

Hello all,

Blatant ebay plug here today folks. Feel free to visit my ebay store:


my ebay screen name is deepthoughts1126

I've got up a ton of chaos fantasy stuff, some old imperial guards, space marines, a genestealer hybrid and one of the old metal genestealers... some original space marines, some original space marine backpack sprues, and a damaged lot of two original rhinos and a predator, including a number of other bits to trick out... probably enough to rebuild a predator and a rhino out of the pieces, but they're definitely a project...

while you are at my store, please subscribe to my email newsletter and I can let you know all about future offerings.

While I'm on the subject of ebay, I've definitely become a proponent of sniping to keep my costs down, so I'll pass along my own secret to the rest of you in the group. www.auctionsniper.com check the pricing, but basically the deal is that for 25 cents, it will automatically place your bid for you at the last second. I know others in here loathe it, and I used to as well... however I've come to realize that whether or not I like it isn't the issue... people will snipe and we can't keep them from doing it... so, when in Rome... beat up the Romans.

This is the best one I've found, I'm sure there are others out there, maybe even free ones, but this way you keep your costs down by bidding exactly what you're willing to pay, and no one runs your auction up or even knows you're watching it.

Best wishes, and as always, happy bidding.


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