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From: Peter Larsen <plarsen_at_UztFayF1h-uS3vdUC-n5hDRZUgBOmEBM8dqGPkIZ8gBP7tbqgtYvKkDTTpz9aPjaqgyB>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 11:22:02 -0600

Jeff Kyer says:
>Wasn't there a honey-girl cult writeup in an old Trade Talk? I think it
>would probably be an ormayla subcut or possibly a farmer subcult - its
>something farmers tend to need.
>But I think it works best as a stand alone petty deity (10% time for a
>feat and some unusual skills) or 30% for the rare initiate. But I'm
>probably being picky.

        Doing a little bit of reading in the Reference Section, I see that honey could have quite an impact on the economy and mytho-economy of the clan. There's honey as a sweetener, food, and base for mead. Honey was used as a medicine (both as a drink and a component of salves). Honey was seen as carrying divine inspiration, removing sin, and driving off demons. There's even a Greek myth that connects honey and resurrection! So we have connections to: Elmal, Orlanth (Allfather), Ernalda (Healer and Queen), Chalana Arroy, Voria, Minlister, Odayla, and Lhankor Mhy. Wow!

        On top of this, the wax could be used for candles (seems kind of un-Heortling to indulge in luxury goods, but...), sealing storage vessels, lubrication, writing (something for the little Mhy-ites to try out on), and possibly wood finishing materials (I'm unclear if beeswax or petroleum waxes are better for this). Anyway, if bees are going to be a big deal, then they can be a really big deal....

Peter Larsen            

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