Re: Re: Saunas

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_eI6i5-C_pD7R9sSfR96Kk4zxiw29vLq5tlxLrzun8QW6Md_qdC0-wqatVFWS_GoUiX>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 15:49:05 -0500

> In Gloranthan terms, clearly it is your own "breath" that protects
> you from the fierce heat. And this is why men would take saunas so
> hot you could cook in them, to prove how powerful their own breath
> is, that it can let them relax and enjoy such conditions. More than
> machismo, in Glorantha it is probably literally true, so that the
> most powerful magically can take the most punishing heat.
> All IMO of course.
> --Bryan

In HW terms: Match highest appropriate magical ability vs Intensity of Heat

Anyone using Tough or Endure Heat suffer both an Improv Penalty and will be mocked by other Orlanthi as they sweat profusely. =)

You realize that Gustbrani are going to have an unfair advantage.


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