Re: King Bee

From: Michael Schwartz <mschwartz_at_XvdaoZmOYUZtnmgwtks89BJ3cCsSGsdgs7cP1X5fvW8K8SREdd2XPYdFmi_eAIgFjy>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 08:21:47 -0500

Jeff Kyer wrote:

>A god of one impossible thing - the honey that
>takes you to another world.

Elmal already does enough impossible things. I am content to merely contemplate the splendor of Hybla the Bee Mother (after Mount Hybla, an ancient Mediterranean location renown for its marvelous honey) and her fascinating swarm. The Elmal connection explains why bees navigate by the position of the sun, though. :)

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