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Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 09:45:02 -0500

Eh. Its a guise of Elmal or not. It's an 'impossible thing' and I'm happy with that.

I don't like having everything explained away. If I did that, I'd go play Harn or (shudder) MERP.


Michael Schwartz wrote:
> Jeff Kyer wrote:
> >King Bee is not Elmal.
> I was referring to the Minlister write-up, which states that Elmal
> (guised "as a rare king bee") begat Minlister upon Esrola (or Esra, if
> we
> believe THUNDER REBELS). If there is one King Bee and Elmal ain't he,
> then we have a little discrepancy in the sources.
> Greg gregging Greg yet again, 'twould seem.
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