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At 7:17 PM -0800 2/23/02, John Hughes wrote:

>Crops and Garden Produce.

        There's the possibility of special resources here. Not just magical herbs, etc. but rare plants -- wine grapes, special breeds of wheat or other grains (no corn, please), good hops, etc.

>Domestic & Wild Animal products.

        Cows, obviously (and there is room for special breeds or traits ("The red cow Uldra's Gift gave birth to many calves, and they are prized all through the tribe."). Sheep are almost a necessity, and special breeds or hair varieties are pretty much a given. Pigs are possible (there must be a prophecying sow somewhere in Sartar), so are horses. Chickens, geese, and ducks (of the small. edible kind) are really likely, unless the clan is close to the Durulz. Ducks are more likely to be game, I'd think. For other wild animals: deer, wild pigs (which might interbreed with the pig herds), bear (not if the clan wyter is a bear, maybe), squirrels, rabbits (also domestic?), other rodents, and lots of fish (can Sartar produce crawfish?). How about dog? Snails? Snakes? Any of these could have ritual prohibitions or value.


        Amber ought to exist in Glorantha -- where's it come from, though? No time for fossilization -- is it a remnant of the God's War? The blood of insect spirits?

>Road & Ferry Tolls.

        If the stead is situated somewhere important, the clan might pay for the stead to host a few thanes to watch over a border.

Other strange resources:

Exceptional starters (for bread and beer) -- yeasts brought from the Holy Land and carefully tended for generations.

Something of special worth to a cult -- a breed of bulls popular for sacrifice to Urox, pigment beloved of Lhankor Mhy, henna for Vinga, blue-fleeced sheep for Heler, wood from branches dropped from the Lightning Oak, sacred to Orlanth and Yavor, water from Ernalda's Well, moss that makes Eurmali fart flames....

        I think you missed the urn yard, for burials, although that's a feature of the tula, maybe, and not a given stead.

>Barrel Making

        I doubt dairy needs its own building, but cheese might. Why would you need a house for produce, other than storage? Perhaps the Heortlings have a good trade going in infused oils....


Winery -- not too many of these, I'd think, in all of Sartar (outside of the Colymar). Minlister has nothing to do with wine -- is there a god for it?

Brewery/Distillery -- there should be one in every clan, at least, despite what ST says. One in every stead is probably too many.

Mill -- likely at the Chief's stead, but maybe not.

Storehouses -- for anything that takes up room but doesn't need to be fabricated. Grain, meat (our bloodline has secret smoking techniques!), metal, etc. Especially for steads where the economic specialty is extreme food production.

I doubt cloth production would be done at such a level that a dying house would be necessary, but I could be wrong.

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