RE: A summary with some willows

From: Nick Brooke <nick_at_bT3fqldB3wQfz1ERHqbcqV9OuMWBTohHXNUYuHsw9KsEUKBaG2Rs6WbzbAUKBqa99ko02rq>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 23:04:49 -0000

Ian wrote:

>> Fyrd max _at_ 20 probably less

> IIRC, the number I used for Blood Feud was 20% of a
> stead (only have my final draft, not what was printed
> to hand), based on half of all adults (generally males
> and not including elders). There would probably be
> about 8 members of the fyrd in a stead this size.

20% of 80 is *16*, not 8. This stead has 40 adults, defined as anyone over 15; the total population (from newborn infants up) is 80. (So it'd have shown up as around 60 on John & David's old Sartar Population figures, which omitted children under 5).

Cheers, Nick            

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