Re: Poll Results

From: ttrotsky2 <TTrotsky_at_U9vKy0zmBHI5_1V5IJGBtRKaL13dhg4DMuNYbdy5YhlXONmgWI-ZiU5XWIPp7OWHmqM>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 21:29:20 -0000

Michael Schwartz:

> >Guidelines are going to be helpful regardless
> >of what options we pick.
> The questions I planned to excise were those such as Ancient Enemies
> Ancient Allies which do not impact the calculations,

Ah, OK, I didn't realise that any of them didn't impact the calculation side of things (although its pretty obvious in retrospect). It makes sense to excise those questions, since those are details the players of the Badass Uroxi War Clan (etc.) can add in at their leisure.


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