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From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_1aNbqGTFcy6vgoOGOMJvOrOkA0LNofOCZ97lt5HNtvrEA1aZYuruYTvHczIrmeY_7MbpBjZn>
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 21:32:53 +0100

The final member of our Clan Ring to be posted here, Orlav is the archtypical  slow and steady Barntari. The constant presence of his young children provide more possible plot hooks, as they manage to get themselves into all manner of mischief (possibly trying to sail out over the rapids, without knowing how to first appease the daimon of the falls) and need to be rescued/watched over/protected etc...

Orlav Steady-Hand
Male, 34, Initiate of Barntar Ploughson.

Feats: Allfather (Orlanth) 19, Making (Orlanth) 8w, Farming (Barntar/Orlanthcarl) 8w.

Key Skills: Slow but Steady 8w, Inspire Co-workers 4w, Manage Stead 18, Farming 7w, Know Land 3w, Conservative 7w, Proud 16, Sense Ale 19, Dull 16.

Orlav speaks for the farmers and crafters, and is a follower of Barntar. He is conservative and methodical, and sometimes needs to have things explained several times before he fully comprehends them.

A large, broad-shouldered man with dark red hair, a ruddy complexion, and gigantic hands, Orlav is touched by the Movement rune, and cannot keep still, even in his sleep. He has adapted to this affliction by usually moving very slowly, but once set on a course of action he will work tirelessly to bring it to a conclusion. Only the promise of ale can sway him from his work. Orlav is very popular among the cottars, and never drives another harder than he is prepared to work himself.

Orlav resides at GRAINSTEAD, at the hearth of his father. Married to NAME, he is usually followed about by several of his young children, whom he over-indulges, often bringing them even when on Ring business at neighbouring steads.


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