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Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 00:35:11 +0100

Michael says

> Has she abandoned her
>family responsibilities to pursue political power? If so, why would she
>remain a devotee of Vela (who has social power, which can be more
>significant) when another subcult (like Kev the Visionary) would be more
>practical from a political standpoint?

I don't think you can choose to worship Kev out of expediency. You either have visions or you don't!

TR p198 says that Ernalda the Queen worshippers "look out for the welfare of the community, organize women into temples and women's groups, and maintain the balance of power between men and women. Most worshippers join these subcults when they obtain positions of responsibility" That sounds to me like where you would expect to find the Clan Ring's main Ernalda representative without implying any "ambition"...

> Rana's responsibilities to the community would remain the same,
>but without the ambition implicit in being an Ernalda the Queen devotee.

>>She could easily be the "real power" in the
>This is not supported by the answers given in clan creation, nor even
>hinted at, and I would oppose suggestions to this effect. Ernalda did
>not recieve even a single mark as a result of our answers in clan

It's not the way I'd want to write the clan up, but it remains a possibility for those who want to explore other possibilities. I don't think, however, that having a "power behind the throne" so to speak in any current clan ring will ever be represented in the clan history. (Spot the difference between "the 'real power' in the clan" and "The Clan Chief") - That's not to say that there won't be repercussions of course...

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