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Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 14:21:21 -0500

Peter Larsen wrote:
> At 12:02 PM -0500 4/3/02, Michael Schwartz wrote:
> >Jeff Kyer wrote:

(remarks snipped)

> I'm still perplexed by this argument, and I don't feel that
> Greg's response on the Hero Wars list has helped all that much. I
> find it really difficult to imagine our Barntar devotee taking 30% of
> his produce and shipping it off to the Barntar temple, especially
> when there can't be more than one or so Barntar temples in all of
> Sartar. I can imagine that some of that extra produce is expended in
> religious ceremonies -- the first grain of the harvest is surely
> sacrificed to Barntar, whether by being baked into a special bread
> and eaten, burned, scattered to the winds, or whatever. However, a
> Provider Devotee should be a blessing to the community; they will
> give back more than they consume.

How about 'Gathered Aganist Time of Famine?'

And I was concerned with TIME. If I'm a plough jocky full time, then that would count against my devotion requirement, I think.

> As for a Dar initiate/devotee, what duties do you see that
> are not applicable? Dar is leadership; by leading the clan (or
> tribe), the initiate/devotee is expressing Dar. I'm sure there are
> some additional duties, but these must be tied in with leading --

Sure. That's what I felt. That's the point I was attempting to get accross.

> acting as Orlanth the Leader in ceremonies and quests, probably
> filling the role as Generic Orlanth in most clan-wide ceremonies and
> quests, making special personal sacrifices. They may take away from
> time considering the specific future of the clan/tribe, but they do
> enhance leadership as a whole. It's not like there is a temple of Dar
> somewhere where the chiefs and kings send x% of their cash....
> Peter Larsen

Don't get hung up on cash and money. I think its a bit of a holdover from RQ. I'd be more concerned of time and effort - sweat is sweetest sacrifice of all.

And, to be honest, I felt that we are starting to bog down into endless minutae rather than providing something easy to use for folks who are trying to play Hero Wars (or HeroQuest, as the case may be).

Remember? Simple? I thought that was the mandate here.


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