RE: Re: Stead Population

From: Nick Brooke <nick_at_abzK4VKy4130R0cs9ERgmhN944VA2veyM-z2UOx7r1dlrLymsiQNMxCeyK6eJisKC-yZ3ZD>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 08:12:43 +0100

Peter wrote:

> assuming that menstruation occurs around age 15 -- I'm not sure of
> Heortling maturation patterns.

A stated working assumption behind my pop stats is that a Gloranthan year = a real world year. (I do recall checking this with Greg years back, but that and tuppence will buy you a tuppenny chew).

In which case ages 13-14 might be a more pedantic bet (a quick online check gives that as the norm, 8-17 as the range, with some exceptions). But that's based on modern hoomanz, not the Gloranthan or RW ancient/mediaeval kind... if there's a difference (which I'd usually resist!). And it's still "around age 15", which is good enough for government work, and fits the table I'd already created, so... go with the flow!

Cheers, Nick            

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