Re: Re: Tweaking the Age Distribution Tables

From: John Hughes <nysalor_at_Tdg8puVrth6rcW6JFPRWD4C6p4htNqHbk2bpNTBMS3gFClnSgYFzk3c2gjQWEAL36lQs>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 08:00:54 +1000

Greg's reply regarding the "50%" children figure.

"The 50% is a general number intended to indicate a ZPG population. It comes from a broad generalization on my part. It includes everyone that is not initiated (ie, an adult). Infants, children and teen agers.
You can feel free to change it to suit some sort of relaity. Essentially: zpg."

Of course, as Nick's work shows, 50% children doesn't work towards ZPG: in fact it posits runaway population growth and constant pregnancy. So while we should mention the 50% figure (and include teenagers/'initiands' in the children category), if we work with something approaching Nick's original population pyramid, with 33% children under 15, we will end up with low population growth (Greg's intention), more developed characters, and women freed from the demands (and biological impossibility) of near constant pregnancy.


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