Updated Age Distribution Tables

From: John Hughes <nysalor_at_5Dvei0JRd-grLwqzrfLQkvmnXKoOI-ESNIkpMlbHl3C99E3RYK57e6lx9un-c8pr_az9>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 13:09:43 +1000

I have uploaded to the files area an Excel spreadsheet that will calculate and automatically adjust clan age distributions.


After several iterations, I think the figures I have entered work. I took Nick's original mortality rates, and adjusted the birth rate to something humanly possible. I also took on board as many of the points raised in discussion as I could. (Nick's original figures and those for Ancient Rome are on the spreadsheet for comparison.)

The values I have entered give the following figures:

Newborns 6.10%
Children (1-14) 32.70%
'Initiands' (15-19) 8.30%

Total Children 47.10%

By including the teens in children we still get close to 50% - not something I was aiming for but a nice touch. Add in the foreign 'non-adults' you'll find hanging around any stead (Bryan's (?) suggestion) and its easy to justify a 50% children figure.

Young Adults (20-34) 20.80%
Mature Adults (35-59) 23.30%
Elders (60+) 8.80%

Total Adult 52.90%

Total 100.00%

Most tellingly, we have:

Newborn each year 6.10
Childbearing Women (15-44) 20.00
Av births/woman per year 0.305

Approx one child per married woman every 2.5-3 years. (Whew, much better).

We still have approx 50% child mortality in first 5 years.

You can make further adjustments to the model by changing the numbers in the
'Heortling Build' columns. The spreadsheet will automatically smooth these
numbers to percentages, and recalculate values.

I generated the clan afresh last night, and the families look fine to date. I'll do some more work over the weekend, and if things fit, will upload a fresh version of the ages/names/bloodlines tables.



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