Re: Updated Age Distribution Tables

From: moonbroth <nick_at_VHki_9yuos24qoje46onM3ptepp16bt4Cbh-imSgVXJbZ5LchnNiyjK_RjfM-ABWq239fay>
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 13:58:58 -0000

Peter asks:

> Any chance we could drop the early mortality figure and raise the
> death rate at the time of initiation? The idea is that healing
> magics make childhood easier, but it's balanced a little by the
> all or nothing nature of initiation.

I had understood (from talking to Greg) that the sometimes-lethal Orlanthi initiations of the First Age were a bygone memory at the end of the Third. This may no longer be goodthink, however.

My own preference would be to significantly lower the infant *and* child mortality rates, in the course of ditching the "50% children" figure we've been lumbered with.

Cheers, Nick            

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