Re: Tweaking the Age Distribution Tables - contraception

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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 20:12:50 -0000

I'm not sure that your last point is totally true. In cities more children are generally seen as a burden, and cities have generally had lower birth rates than out on the farm. For the Heortlings, I think for the most part the women are encouraged to have many children, and most probably take pride in their fertility.

However, I suspect that if anything natural fertility levels might be lower than in the real world, given that a number of cults have magic especially to aid the process along. This might mean that year marriages etc may not result in children all that often if no magic helps things along.

Also, note that Ernalda Allmother has the "aidecontraception" feat as part of her mothers magic.

In short, yes, I'm sure they know some contraceptive tricks, and when combined with not using helping magic, I'd think that accidental pregnancies are not a huge social phenomenen (but still happen, of course). For the most part I think the Heortlings view babies as a blessing, however, so I don't think all that many women in the typical stead are trying to prevent pregnancy (at least not for very long). Note also that we are told that women don't usually get fully accepted into their new clan (at least into the women's circle) until they have a baby, so after marriage I expect that most women are eager to get pregnant as quickly as possible.

All IMO, and I'm sure there are enough exceptions to right an essay about, with Vingans being only the most prominent.


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