Re: A background thought

From: John Hughes <nysalor_at_7sYzoX-lMZlv8IBjXDWgmQp87WPe1jAIpWdzHQ43Z8ZYzpNXRW52lcrjwGq5P0i4Pmpm>
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 10:31:59 +1000

Very nice. I'll get this up on the website. It gives us a better idea of our tula, and some insights into clan history.

I guess a question for the whole group might be: What other sort of physical/magical/historical landmarks might we want to include on the tula map? Can you give us some ideas - a name and a sentence or two description?

Two burned and empty steads - one destroyed by trolls, and haunted by ghosts. Another razed during the lunar invasion, and ripe for rebuilding.

John                              John Hughes

Ber er hver a baki nema sr brur eigi. One's back is vulnerable, unless one has a brother. - Njls Saga.            

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