Re: Whole Cow plus

From: mrmarcpolo <FmYahooGroups_at_twhu2vl7fhSKHvcjnhTYRiGgLLyN7SmsS_EMP4OLTUqegIAAwM0r-5qBQ5hP79>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 23:55:42 -0000

Better than the old version I sent John, the newer Cow Calculator beta is now in
the Files section of this yahoo group.

A few suggestions for use: go through
the tabs as numbered, like a software
"wizard." Don't change much the first
time, just read the stuff. Then on
tab(5) click the Analysis button and

you'll see the report of how the census
you've entered on tab(2), the land
you've entered on tab(3), the livestock

parameters you've set on tab(4), and
the plowing detail and exaction levels
(like the tribute rate and whether you
pay your tribal tax) you've chosen on
tab(5) work into a report of a single
longhouse, a bloodline or a whole clan.
(The subdivision into lodges for the
the last two needs work).

As to Bryan's question, Greg asked me for a web version of this over a year ago, but an attempt to program this in Java failed and since the Isaries ISP runs Linux, we cannot use typical Microsoft solutions either. I hope to get an IntraWeb/Delphi version of this working as an Apache .dso, but that's a ways off.


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