Re: Re: Some Building Descriptions

From: John Hughes <nysalor_at_hSBuQ7WuDKdQD23Uj0qYNFjOKktDk1Ew8E_5XH0_PrEEpjs-_zomRQd21wnfGxFVWuWP>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 00:55:10 +1100


> By the way, I've created some characters in my description --
> Chisel-Heoral, Swen's brother, for example -- does anyone want to
>tell me if I have contradicted an already existing family tree?

Just to remind everyone, the result of the age-distribution exercise is up on the Stormsteads web site at

(I hope, cause my server is down at the moment - if this address doesn't work jump there from Questlines).

It gives a name and age-range for everyone at Swenstead. We haven't yet attempted family trees. As we expand the descriptions, you can either pick a name and an age range to suit someone you need, fill in the details and let me know, or pick a #reference number, change the name, fill in the details and let me know. Its probably a good idea, as in the examples, that when you create/choose a character think about spouses, chiuldren parents and at least name them at the same time.



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