Another lurker delurks

From: Olle Jonsson <olleolleolle_at_Td7GzR2j7qdPx7pSKN5Rmj2FVdA6wl5-cnPrblqyEQs3mNBZBbuHu6oe9Lv21rK>
Date: 31 Mar 2003 15:24:33 +0200

> I just wanted to post a quick "hello, I'm here" rather than just
> silently lurking.

Well, why don't I just do the same.

I am Olle, son of Anders, son of Nathanael[1]. I reside in Malm÷, Sweden and play a poetic Destor-devoted weaponthane in Hero Wars on a fairly regular basis. (Yesterday I tried some King of Dragon Pass with my GM, and it seemed great. He has restricted us players from learning about Heortling life outside roleplaying sessions, so that our experience and attitude would be shaped in-game, not from reading someone else's words in some book. Or even, Orlanth forbid, a computer game.)

I am interested in the Stormsteads project as a Heortling player and (for what it's worth) I think it looks good.

I have only one question about Heortling life just now. My character is rather na´ve and can't handle the concept that his wife might be unfaithful to him. It just won't compute, "naaah, she wouldn't do that, she likes me". As a player I am interested in a subplot about jealousy (which Wordnet defines as "zealous vigilance", hehe). How is Heortling fidelity handled in your campaign? Are there social penalties? For whom is it OK to sleep in his neighbor's bed?


   and thanks in advance
   Malm÷, Sweden

[1] How many generations can you spit out at moment's notice? I tried, but failed to even remember more than my own grandfather. Sad, that.            

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