ANOTHER DP question

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Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 14:45:48 EST

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<< Basically without changes bison are stronger than everyone else, followed  by Llama (who can have problems due to shortage of numbers). Sable and to a  lesser extent impala are weak. ALthouigh set up positions and alliances can  change things greatly.  

 Not everyone agrees though (most notably Stephen).  

 See ya - Chris >>

Llama Khan also does not agree! Llama were realistically assigned values, as were he other puny inhabitants of the plains. It is just that the others complained too much and needed a boost for "fairness" by Waha's Sacred Beard!

Since NG does not have a Stupid Factor (it would be SF 20!!) the Bison are also unrealistic.

Llama Khan.

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