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<< I give a slight nod to the Lunars as the stronger of the two main powers>>

I used to agree, but we used to keep a tally of which side won and it was remarkably similar.

<< Regarding the neutrals, so far we've found ourselves pursuing the Exiles and
 Androgeus most often. The diplomatic game often involves both of us bidding  aggressively for those two, with one of us capitulating over the Exiles to  try and obtain Cragspider or Ethilrist. We hardly ever even attempt to ally  either the Grazelanders or the Beasts, as the late game involves both of us  plowing all of our DPs into the Dragonewts.>>

Androgeus is my personal favourite, definitely the best ally for the DP price. The most dramatic Diplomacy action that afflicted *my* Prince of Sartar was when the dastardly Lunar player immediately got the Exiles and I think the Beasts, had Jar Eel and some other units poised in Bagnot, speeded down the road to the Shaker Temple and were in Sartar before I knew it. The worst bit is losing DP's when you have no Capital - dreadful! Sartar once allied the Grazers early and somehow prevented the Lunars getting the Red Dragon or the Hydra.  

<< I'd be interested in other peoples' thoughts on the efficacy of the  diplomacy system, and the relative DP costs of the various neutrals.

I think the Diplomacy part of DP is the most crucial part of the game. My regular opponent was much better at it than me; he had better, more original stategies that quite often caught me out. It was a real nail biter when the Random Event about the Dragonewts wanting to ally comes up. If you get it in the first turn (or early) you really have some head scratching to do. I once went for them, got them but lost everyone else. The entire effort of the enemy went on crushing my nest cities and because he had Exiles, Androgeos, Grazers, Beasts, Cragspider, pretty much suceeded.

My favourite ally combo is the Alchemical Transformer with the Red Emperor and the Spirit of Movement, or, AT, Hydra at 6 and SoM.

Costs-wise I think Androgeus is good value, Exiles good value, Grazers poor value, Beasts- poor unless you need access to their land, Cragspider - rubbish, she never gets anywhere, unless you need to Firebomb Alone or somewhere similarly in the North West, trolls are too slow. Dragonewts would be good value if they weren't so expensive (if you see what I mean). They are worth 45points, but since you often don't get them, they are expensive.

I tried to increase the Diplomacy part of the game in my Tarsh Civil war scenario but I am not sure it worked.


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