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If that last is addressed to me, Chris, I'll have to decline. I can't commit time very regularly to play online, and I have to admit I'm always a little daunted by the prospect of playing games electronically!

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Hi All,

Steve on Steve:
>> 1. There are a number of spirits that say, "although this is a
>> spirit, it may use spirit magic". Does this mean that the unit fights
>> normal melee combat but its MgF fights in the spirit magic combat
>> like most spirits? Does it mean that it also has the option of using
>> MgF in a physical magic attack?
>Without looking at the rules, I seem to recall that this was the intent,

I'd always read this differently. I'd always played these were physical spirits and can attack in melee but can also use spirit magic. I never let them use physical magic. I think Joerg is right in that it comes down to whether the RF is underlined or not; if it is underlined then they can use physical magic, if not then they can't and the physical part in their description refers to their ability to join melee, be hit by missiles etc.

I also recall many folks used the Great Spirits magical abilities differently. I had them control their agents within their RF, but able to use spirit magic versus adjacent hexes (just like Zola Fel with no agents does). I'm pretty sure Stephen didn't agree with this (except perhaps when they have no agents under their control).

Also I find it much easier to just use the agents as normal spirits even when under the control of great spirits ie for wildfires they attack as part of melee and at that stage; shades attack during spirit magic phase; whirlies do both of these; plagues attack during chaotic magic. I think stephen's intention was that they all attack during physical magic phase creating a new chaotic/spirit/melee division of physical magic. This might in some ways feel nicer, but is too complicated (how often have you heard me say that, eh? ;-)) and less effective as they don't get to combine MgF/CF etc with other attacking units. Also done this way yopu don't have to remember that they work differently when used as agents of physical magic and when found as part of a stack. Anyways I'm sure that is how they are used in the email game.

btw Steve, you wouldn't be interested in taking over running the Sables in tht game, would you ? I had to drop out for domestic reasons but recommend it is lots of fun and a good way to learn the game.

Sorry to muddy all this - Chris

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