rules clarifications?

From: Chris Ward <>
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 08:49:49 +0100

Hi All,

Steven and then Daniel:
>> Thus, I can imagine a unit that could split its CF between
>>missile fire and melee, taking its 3 CF in any given turn as

>0 CF ***, 1
>CF **, 2 CF *, or 3 CF. Could be kind of cool. I like this also. Good
>idea. Would be particularly appropriate for Sable clans.

I somehow missed this time through. I also think this would be a good idea, but only for Sable: it doesn't seem appropriate for bison clans etc to suddenly be able to outshoot the impala (eg consider a cf5 bison has up to ***** vs 2-3 impala clans each with a max of **). But for Sable (and maybe impala) it sounds a good idea. Should perhaps be an upper limit of ** per clan though as I can't think of any units with more ** than this, but sable always have the option of disregarding the * option and turning it into additional cfs, cool.

It'd be important though to allow attackers to retreat after shooting with the same rules for cover as the defenders to allow impala raiders to make use of this tactic -otherwise they'll all end up as cf0 and can be captured at no cost as if treasures (which of course they are, bless 'em :-)

See ya - Chris

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