rules clarifications?

From: Stephen P Martin <>
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 21:51:10 -0700

Hi All,

> Steven and then Daniel:
> >> Thus, I can imagine a unit that could split its CF between
> >>missile fire and melee, taking its 3 CF in any given turn as
> >0 CF ***, 1
> >CF **, 2 CF *, or 3 CF. Could be kind of cool. I like this also.
> >idea. Would be particularly appropriate for Sable clans.
> I somehow missed this time through. I also think this would be a good
> but only for Sable: it doesn't seem appropriate for bison clans etc to
> suddenly be able to outshoot the impala (eg consider a cf5 bison has up
> ***** vs 2-3 impala clans each with a max of **). But for Sable (and
> impala) it sounds a good idea. Should perhaps be an upper limit of **
> clan though as I can't think of any units with more ** than this, but
> always have the option of disregarding the * option and turning it into
> additional cfs, cool.

It does not sound like a good idea for ANY of the clans -- this would be a special, unique unit, a one-of-a-kind thing (or maybe a few-of-a-kind). It isn't something I would change any existing unit over to.



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