Dragon pass casualty question

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Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 10:37:55 -0800

Hi Paul,

Hmm, the list is strangely silent.

> I recently got a copy of the Chaosium Dragon Pass game. I have a
> question about how casualties are taken in stacks. Assume a stack of
> units, a 4 CF unit on top, a 3 CF unit second in the stack. My reading
> the rules suggests that units down the order in a stack can only be
> if the above units in the stack are eliminated or bypassed.

That is correct.

> So assume the
> example stack takes a 3 point casualty result. This is less than the
> strength of the 4 CF unit, so it is safe. But does the 3 CF unit die,
> does the 4 CF unit above it in the stack "shield" it?

I believe the 4 CF unit at the top of the stack shields it, and so there are no casualties. You just didn't get a good enough result to harm any of the units.

I think there were some optional rules discussed at one point that would allow you to use this attack to _disrupt_ the top unit, so at least your assault weakened it and disrupted its unity. But that is not part of the standard rules.

Even worse, since you attacked, the stack gets to counter-attack, and as the defender its CF is doubled to 8 CF, and that's just for the top unit.

Lesson: don't get into a position where you have to attack a stack unless you are sure you can do some significant damage. :)



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