Glowline and spirits

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Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 11:49:55 -0800

Hi Peter,

> Hi, all. I'm gearing up to play my first DP game in many years, and
> there's a rules question that bugged me way back when and bugs me
> now: Does a magician's spirit deployed outside the Glowline or
> Glowspot benefit from the Glow if the magician is inside it?
> My initial thinking was that the spirits would benefit, since their
> MgF is apparently linked to the magician's, but then I thought that
> maybe the Glowline should be a defensive benefit equivalent to the
> rugged terrain and fortifications of Sartar. Being able to keep the
> magicians inside the Glowline and project their power at full
> strength on to the Dwarf Mine is a pretty big advantage for the Lunars.

The rules specify that units inside the Glowline receive the benefit of the Glowline. Since a magician's spirit is a distinct unit, I imagine this rule would apply to them as well. Thus, it is the location of the spirit, not the magician, that determines this.



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