Land of Thunder

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Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 11:54:34 -0800

Hi All,

> Reading the new Issaries gazetteer made me wonder what changes might be
> to the board game to retro-fit it with some of the new information.
> An example might be beefing up the Dragonspine so that it is more of
> barrier that Land of Thunder would have us believe.

That would be cool, but it is unlikely to happen. We do have some tentative plans to have the boardgames reissued, once we have time to deal with them. But, any such venture would be expensive. Having a completely new mapboard drawn to exactly match such differences would be an additional expense, probably a pretty big one.

Now, if it turns out that we do have to have the DP map redrawn, then certainly such changes would be more than appropriate. I imagine a central hex of Kero Fin that is impassible, and cannot be entered by any unit except perhaps certain specific units; reducing some fortresses to being unfortified towns; adding a couple of holy places and ruins; etc.

Either way, however, it is very likely that the countermix in the reissued games will be different, so it is almost certain that some additional units would be included. Some of these are likely to be ones that I have proposed before (the regimental standards, Aram-ya-Udram, some magical leaders, some treasures, etc.), but including some new magical entities that are described in the Dragon Pass gazetteer is possible. For some of the landscape entities, like Chalk Man, I think they would work better as altars/holy places -- not full temples, but magical places that give a defensive bonus against magic only, not against physical attacks.

What ideas does everyone have?



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