New Expansion under construction--Dara Happa

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Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 14:39:56 -0700

Hiya all;

  Of course DP/NG are old. So? In my 25 years of wargaming no other game has lingered in my memory like Dragon Pass. But I've kind of moved on past a small little area. I want to take on the whole Lunar Empire.

  Well, after close to six weeks the map has been constructed, numbering over 16,000 hand stencilled hexes. Now I'm starting to work on the Battalia lists for the Dara Happan forces as well as the numerous numerous independents I would like to be included. Thanks to Joerg Baumgartner and Simon Phipps I was able to start work on holy country/balazar counters during breaks from the map. There is still months ahead of work and any input from anyone would be just really really great. Thank you to everyone who has posted on the board and made it possible for me to stand on the shoulders of others.

Pictures of the map/some musings/skeletal battalia lists can be found at

Thank you!

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