Careless Tork Costs Lives

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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 17:54:57 -0700

Ahoy hoy

>What sort of huge scenario do you have in mind?

Everyone attacks Dara Happa! Prax and The Holy Country, Balazar/Elder Wilds, Pent, perhaps Charg and Fronela. Lots of independents to disrupt things. I'd like to see assaults coming from every compass point into the Lunar Empire.

Daniel mentioned that you had hex-mapped most of Genertela. Are there copies still kicking about? I think the map of the Lunar Empire looks so amazing I have this insane want to draw up the rest of the continent onto hard cardboard. Hmm, from Zoo to the Delta Plateua is eleven and a half feet. Another foot and a half would give enough of Erigia and Eol. I estimate ten more feet to the east, and fourteen more to the west (only 7 without the wastelands). Dang, even if I sleep in the bathtub it won't fit in my place.

>At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, have you got 'Careless Tork Costs
>Lives', or the Tarsh Civil War scenario from Raider's Digest. I also had a
>Dragonkill scenario using every counter that I could get my hands on. I might
be able to find a copy on a disc somewhere.

>Keith Nellist

Sadly I have none of your articles. Are they hard to find?


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