Careless Tork Costs Lives

From: Stephen P. Martin <>
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 08:40:54 -0800

Hi All,

> >> Sheng's invasion of the moon.
> >> Keep in mind that this map is grotesquely inaccurate in many respects.
> > I picked a size for the hexes based purely on how to fit it on a board
> > with a reasonable space for movement. Squeezing anything into hex map
> > format warps everything to some extent as well. Besides, I never
> finished it.
>Arcane Lore mentions a five-layered map of the Holy Country for one
>concept stage of the Real MoLaD boardgame. One might use several maps for
>that, or steal a concept from the old Avalon Hill boardgame "Magic Realm"
>and toggle certain parts of the map into (various) levels of Heroplane.

I have long considered that the only proper way to create the Masters of Luck and Death boardgame was to have two maps -- a double-DP-sized one for the mundane world, and a DP-sized one for the "God Plane".



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