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Date: Tue Jan 17 15:11:39 2006

Hi Guys,

Lots of intersteing stuff. We must close the list down more often :-)

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> Why doesn't Sir Ethilrist go after Hungry Jack, rather than a Dragon? After
> all, he defeated it in the first place.

That would make sense, but still give the same problems of units off the board.

> > - ironhoof needs a shaman counter or something
> I'm not sure if they are powerful enough for a shaman. Magic counters,
> certainly.

Yes, I don't think they justify a sham couner either, perhaps some disembodied spirit allies would give them a distinctive plus (is suitable spirits could be thought os).

> > - how about some juicy chaos for the lunars to ally/control from
> > Snakepipe Hollow?
> Yes, chaos from the Hollow, and the Footprint if the game expands southwards,
> would be better.

This would be fun.

> > I think that one of the Random Events options should be "Chaos Eruption".
> > You take every single chaotic unit available to you, from every game you
> > have, take out the ones that are location restricted (like Hydra, not
> > like Cwim), pick one or two location-specific ones at random to add back
> > in, then have every single player draw one of the Chaos units from a cup,
> > and all of those Chaos units are placed randomly in Snake-Pipe Hollow. I
> > mean, come on -- having Cwim, Thed, the Hydra, Hungry Jack, and the
> > Crimson Bat all appear in SPH at once, what's not to love? :)


Although I think having allyable chaos is nicer, an explosion could also be in the RET. Disagree that the bat should be part of it though.

> The Random Events Tables need some serious work - I looked at them again and
> they are crap. The same stuff over and over again.

Have you seen the RET which we put together for NG? Gloriously overcomplex & the result of lots of back and forth argui..er I mean discussion on this list. Steve has just posted it on boardgamegeek.

> > Yes, I'd like a change of this nature as well. Once an independent is
> > allied, can't you continue to burn diplomacy points to try to bribe them
> > away or ensure no one else does? What I would do would be to make sure
> > this IS the rule, then give certain events or Random Events a point value
> > for appropriate independents. Thus, if you ally with a Chaos entity of
> > any kind, you get -X DPs wih the Exiles, the Beast-men, etc. If a capital
> > city is sacked, that's an automatic -20 DPs; any lesser holding of that
> > nation sacked is -10 DPs; etc.
> That's right. That's exactly how it should work. If you get the Sun Domers
> and then ally Cragspider, you'd expect problems. Except than Sun Domers
> aren't allied through DP, or are they? I forget.

Something like this is incorporated into NG via the friends & patron options & Tada's cloak/basmoli. Although there the alliances are all completely random.  

> > Each turn, as normal, you have to assess diplomacy points. But, you might
> > lose an ally simply because of some random event that happened, if you
> > haven't continued to spend diplomacy points ensuring they remain your
> > ally. The independents might switch sides (depending on the opponents' DP
> > spending), or they might just be removed from the board, ready to be
> > replaced if they become allied again.
> Sounds good to me.

> > Or start with different DP targets for each side? eg it takes more dps for
> > the exiles to ally with
> > lunar rather than sartar? Although, whilst this came to mind as a "obvious"
> > e.g. thinking about
> > recent tarsh supplements, maybe going with the Lunars is more
> > understandable as an option
> > for the exiles. At least I can now see the dynamics at work a bit better :
> > look, we're starving &
> > they have corn.
> What you would do, as I did in AiP, is assign each side some starting DPs.
> So, the Lunars start off with 20 DPs for the Sables, the Sartarites get 10DPs
> for the Exiles and so on.

I guess starting with some preallocated DPs is equivalent to having different target numbers for each side.

> > I would like to see more minor spirits available for alliance. Generally at
> > specific sites like
> > TS, and the rules on-line for Balazar (after all DP ain't Prax). Perhaps
> > only designated animist
> > units have the know how to attempt these alliances eg certain magicians for
> > sartar, maybe
> > thunder delta for lunars (as someone mentioned earlier they could be a bit
> > less bland).
> I thought of having the Six Sisters as a Holy Place, maybe with Wild Temple
> and the place where Sorana Tor pops up in KoS, where Gradfather Mortal popped
> his clogs. The problem is deciding where they should be and which spirits
> should be available.
> > If the TWin Stars could be summoned by the Lunars, they would enetr the
> > game more
> > frequently.
> Yes, indeed.
> > May call for more decisions - shoukld I send my priests to the battle line,
> > or hold some back
> > at holy places going for a couple of spirits?
> Can any unit summon spirits? In NG I seem to recall someone sitting Impala
> Tribe units all over the board, in as many Oases as possible, to churn out
> the spirits.

In NG, pretty much any unit can. But all the Praxian units are practicing animists with clan level shaman etc. Most Dpers are not animists. I figured for spirits which are summoned as oppossed to emissaried only animists or perhaps "magicians" would know how to peform the ceremony.

Maybe grazer clans & the beast battalia have the knowledge to call up some minor spirits . If this ability were otherwise restricted to a couple of units each for Sartar & Lunar, then this could potentially beef these guys up.

> > I worked out a scenario to play through the Tarsh Civil War, which I called
> >
> > "Careless Tork Costs Lives" (a bad pun on King Orios marching into Tork and
> > releasing the horde) which was a three player scenario. I've never played
> > it
> > through with anyone else, but it was in the Raider's Digest 1.
> Was it? I'll have to try and find it.

Someone suggested putting this on-line again recently. Does anyone still have the files? I might still have a paper copy I could copy and send otherwise. It was a little booklet which we made for Convulsion in 2000.

> Chris Ward:
> > Ah, sorry Simon, I just mentioned the Balazaar stuff earlier as being
> > on-line somewhere, but
> > didn't credit you.
> No problem. If it;s out there, just use it.
> > I really like NG, but I'm not really much of a war gamer as such. I really
> > like the spirit pool.
> As do I.
> > I think there are issues with balance of tribal battalia (this was long
> > running debate in the old
> > days here:-)).
> Yes, but everyone knows that the Rhino Riders are rubbish, the Sables and
> High Llamas are the bees knees and the Impalas are good for running around,
> shotting people and having little impala riders (or littler ones, anyway).
> Each one has strengths and weaknesses, they should not have the same number
> of DPs to ally, if you are using DPs in Prax.
> > I think the worst area of the map is the corner aropund Pavis & BR. Once
> > Sun Domers (too
> > slow to be useful in NG, unlike DP) & spirit of Pavis is alied there is
> > nothing to do here. It
> > should be possible to gain normal spirit allies at P&BR and possibly Sun
> > Dome once the
> > original alliances are made.
> Probably, I'd go along with that. Especially as we now know, through P&BRC,
> that Mani's Fort, in the Rubble, is a proper Oases and that Sun Dome sits on
> Sun Hawk's Nest, so they should be more powerful.
> Oh, look, I've done nothing at work for 2 hours. That's probably a bad thing.

Ha ha. I couldn't live with myself if I did the same :-)

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