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From: Joerg Baumgartner <joe>
Date: Tue Jan 17 16:17:32 2006

Simon Phipp
> Why would you want to reserve Dragonkill for later? Is this some kind of
> "tactics", something I'm not particularly aware of?

Defensive doubling, plus the rule that you don't have to attack in any way when in a fortification. A dragon is worth all the CFs of the defending stack again, in one counter. Stack with a couple of bracketed units for an impenetrable fortress. Release when the besiegers are too cocky...

BTW: Can a superhero protect three units from exotic magic once in a round, or from any exotic magic in a single round?

>> AND Hungry
>> Jack
>> is quite useful if you can stack him properly (eg - you can suck people
>> out
>> of fortifications) bit reall, I think you need to write a scenario that
>> starts
>> the game with it. Somehting involving Sir Ethilrist I would think.

> Why doesn't Sir Ethilrist go after Hungry Jack, rather than a Dragon?
> After all, he defeated it in the first place.

Actually, having allied Hungry Jack ought to make Ethilrist harder to get (or easier for the other side). Similar friendships/hostilities for more counters might make the game more of a diplomacy game than a wargame.

> Maybe, but there are other scenarios in King of Sartar that would be far
> more
> interesting, but a lot of them are off the boards. We have the Battle of
> Pennel Ford, with Harrek (Holy Country),

Steve had the board for that region at one time

> some of the events leading to the
> Dragonrise, some of the battles in Sartar before Argrath wandered off and
> became foreign, Argrath in Prax gives some nice scenarios as well.

Strangers in Prax and Dagori Inkarth...

Multiple Argraths: Who do you think that Jaldon guy is but A. White Bull?

>> And if you can't have individual counters for each of the leaders (and I
>> don't see that you could, at the DP scale), what's the fun in that
>> scenario?

> Also, that scenario takes up less than a sentence in King of Sartar, so
> can't
> have been that important. The Boat Planet isn't even mentioned, so that's
> two
> supplements invented out of nothing. Now, the Dragonrise might be
> interesting.

Lunars: place n imperial units around brown Dragon Lair. Summon Brown Dragon. Take n imperial units and Brown Dragon from the board. Start game 3 (the one introducing the Sartarite heroes).

> She does eat things, though. Stack her with the Bat and you lose loads of
> units each turn with no effort. As long as they don't eat each other.

Stack with Hungry Jack and Alchemical Transformer. Bon appetit...

>>   - puppeteers are rarely used/useful, take a lot of counters, yet I
>> like
>>     them for ambience

> I've never really used them, except in the 3 player game. So, they can
> flip around the table, and ...?

Best rearguard action I know. They can place one illusion a turn, which requires a stack of 12 CFs to overcome with a 50% probability (or archers). When they survive, they get to strike back. They stop even superhero movement before they are eliminated.

Zombies: I tend to stack zombies by having Delecti run in circles. Rules conform?

I'd like to see more physical magic, in order to make the rule matter. Right now only Cannon Cult, Crater Makers and Wind Children have it. Nice for killing magician units and spying stacks, but that's it.

> And crested dragonewts are great for allying delecti as you get a Zombie
> and they come back again.

Nope: only native units (i.e. Sartarite or Lunar) can be used as emissaries.

>> - thunder delta slingers seem pretty weak to me given their reputation

> But there are quite a lot of them.

All asterisks in a stack are added up. 4 asterisks have a 50% chance of eliminating the top full unit.

> Yes, chaos from the Hollow, and the Footprint if the game expands
> southwards, would be better.

Scorpion folk in bad numbers... breed like zombies.

I'd like to limit the life-time of superheroes on the board. Both Harrek and Jar-eel have outside agendas which may call them away. Or rather, may cause a delay in their appearance...

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