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Hi Folks,

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> Hi Chris,
> > I would like to see more minor spirits available for alliance.
> Generally at specific sites like
> > TS, and the rules on-line for Balazar (after all DP ain't Prax).
> Perhaps only designated animist
> > units have the know how to attempt these alliances eg certain magicians
> for sartar, maybe
> > thunder delta for lunars (as someone mentioned earlier they could be a
> bit less bland).
> >
> > If the TWin Stars could be summoned by the Lunars, they would enetr the
> game more
> > frequently.
> >
> > May call for more decisions - shoukld I send my priests to the battle
> line, or hold some back
> > at holy places going for a couple of spirits?
> I concur completely, but the issue of spirits is tricky. First, however,
> completely erase the word "animist" from your vocabulary here -- this is
> Dragon Pass, not HeroQuest, and the Three Worlds have no effect on the
> game. Some of the magicians are animists, and I am certain you could find
> a theist who, at the DP scale, would look identical to one of the great
> shamans.

:-) I have some of the HQ supplements, but not HQ itself. I figued animist was a reasonable shorthand for what I wanted to say.

> I would not give each side more than 4-6 traditional spirits available to
> them, and the Grazers get only 2-3, but there should be 6 or so
> independents scattered around the board, like the Spirit of Movement,
> available to anyone who comes to them. Chalk Man is one I have long
> considered, the Six Sisters (as a single counter) could be another, etc.

That sounds a reasonable scale. Spirits should be a fun addition and worth going for, but shouldn't be a huge element of DP.

> > > > - grazelanders need something a little better than just the horse
> herds
> > >
> > > I would give them a Nomad Gods-style shaman plus a couple of spirits.
> >
> >
> > Yes, but I would use a similar limitation to that which we used for
> Praxian shaman leaving
> > their homelands in the old TRD scenario. ie (s)he would have full
> shaman/fetch powers
> > within grazelands, but be more limited outside. Perhaps when stacked
> with the tribal medicine
> > bundle they retain their full powers. A lot of ideas like this were
> discussed in the past e.g.
> > medicine bundle can carry one spirit out of Prax that can subsequently
> be released, staying
> > for one full round (perhaps departing on a die roll).
> >
> > A full NG style shaman/fetch counter without limitations would be too
> much of a boost for
> > the Grazelanders. Anyway I think Shaman should be very powerful on
> their homeground, but
> > weaker away from their familiar spirits.
> Interesting idea. Worked MUCH better before shaman and fetch became a
> single counter (an innovation I like), as you could always just disrupt a
> shaman outside their homeland. But, weakening them outside the homeland
> makes sense. I would just limit their magical abilities outside their
> homeland. This does not even count, in my book, as a _change_ so much as
> a rule that wasn't in Nomad Gods because it wasn't necessary there (since
> all of Prax is their homeland). So, not a change, just a
> clarification/addition. :)
> >
> >
> > >
> > > Yes, I'd like a change of this nature as well. Once an independent is
> > > allied, can't you continue to burn diplomacy points to try to bribe
> them
> > > away or ensure no one else does? What I would do would be to make
> sure
> > > this IS the rule, then give certain events or Random Events a point
> value
> > > for appropriate independents. Thus, if you ally with a Chaos entity
> of
> > > any kind, you get -X DPs wih the Exiles, the Beast-men, etc. If a
> capital
> > > city is sacked, that's an automatic -20 DPs; any lesser holding of
> that
> > > nation sacked is -10 DPs; etc.
> >
> > Or start with different DP targets for each side? eg it takes more dps
> for the exiles to ally with
> > lunar rather than sartar? Although, whilst this came to mind as a
> "obvious" e.g. thinking about
> > recent tarsh supplements, maybe going with the Lunars is more
> understandable as an option
> > for the exiles. At least I can now see the dynamics at work a bit
> better : look, we're starving &
> > they have corn.
> Basically, it depends on who is leading them, and what historical events
> occur. BUT, I don't mind the idea of some of the independents having
> different DP targets for different players. Keep in mind that DP has to
> be looked at closely at some point, to take into account multi-game games
> (like the trolls as a 4th player in Dragon Pass).
> Hell, I'd like to see a scenario where the trolls go at it against
> Sartar, and the LUNARS are available as an ally!
> >
> > Perhaps if they go lunar, instaed of the erthshakres & moonhaters, the
> lunar player should get
> > "Corn Dancers" and maybe some other imported priestesshood counters.
> The earthshaker &
> > moonhaters being eliminated or going to Sartar in disgust (minus their
> special abilities, due to
> > the temple being profaned). CD should have some mesmerising special
> like similar to hyena,
> > or 3 bean. If this is not good enough to replace the ES special for the
> lunars, maybe the new
> > red earth temple (replacing the shakers) functions as a glow spot?
> No, I don't think having special battalia depending on who allies them is
> appropriate. Too complicated, IMO.

Yeah, probably right. - Chris

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