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From: buserian_at_juno.com <buserian>
Date: Tue Jan 17 17:06:39 2006

Actually, I _like_ heroic escapes, it actually highlights the whole point of Many Argraths and the like. See, it is not necessarily that actual hero himself who returns. But maybe one of his companions returns, and becomes the new Argrath. Same with Rurik -- he is eliminated, and some other Sun Dome wannabee who is secretly afraid of trolls becomes the new Rurik Runespear.

On the subject of Ruric, more trivia. When Chaosium published Dragon Pass in 1980, they needed 300 counters, but basically had to pay for 400 counters, whether they used them or not. So, they went ahead and created a fourth sheet of 100 counters, and made it Counter Sheet 2 for Nomad Gods. It had fully-DP compatible counters for all of the independents and spirits, Chaos, etc. One unit was Tada, for example, as a superhero. Another was Rurik Runespear. I dearly wanted to include him in Nomad Gods when I sent it to the French, but it just didn't work out.

When Chaosium moved their offices out of Albany into Oakland in the early or mid 80s, they had too much stuff to take, so they had to start throwing some stuff away. Charlie Krank told me once that the one thing that got thrown away, but which he really wished they had kept, was the hundreds of these Nomad Gods counter sheets that had been created at the same time as Dragon Pass.

He kept a single unpunched set for himself, which he once photocopied for me (in color) when I was working on Nomad Gods 2ed.


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