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Date: Tue Jan 17 17:06:50 2006

Howdy All,

On Tue, 17 Jan 2006 17:17:16 +0100 (CET) "Joerg Baumgartner" <joe_at_toppoint.de> writes:
> Simon Phipp
> > Why would you want to reserve Dragonkill for later? Is this some kind
> > "tactics", something I'm not particularly aware of?
> Defensive doubling, plus the rule that you don't have to attack in any
> when in a fortification. A dragon is worth all the CFs of the defending
> stack again, in one counter. Stack with a couple of bracketed units for
> impenetrable fortress. Release when the besiegers are too cocky...
> BTW: Can a superhero protect three units from exotic magic once in a
> round, or from any exotic magic in a single round?

Good point. I'd say he can save himself and up to three units once, total, per round. If he saves himself and one unit, say, he could save the same one unit from a second attack, but he himself ought to be toast. Yeah, I like that.
> >> AND Hungry
> >> Jack
> >> is quite useful if you can stack him properly (eg - you can suck
people out
> >> of fortifications) bit reall, I think you need to write a scenario
that starts
> >> the game with it. Somehting involving Sir Ethilrist I would think.

> > Why doesn't Sir Ethilrist go after Hungry Jack, rather than a Dragon?
> > After all, he defeated it in the first place.
> Actually, having allied Hungry Jack ought to make Ethilrist harder to
> (or easier for the other side). Similar friendships/hostilities for
> counters might make the game more of a diplomacy game than a wargame.

Yes, I agree.
> > Maybe, but there are other scenarios in King of Sartar that would be
far more
> > interesting, but a lot of them are off the boards. We have the Battle
> > Pennel Ford, with Harrek (Holy Country),
> Steve had the board for that region at one time

Two versions, actually -- mine, and the one of Joerg's that I will be working on over the next couple of weeks. But, Simon's project should help us create the definitive map -- our plan is to compare his version, my version, and Joerg's, then make a single version.

> I'd like to see more physical magic, in order to make the rule matter.
> Right now only Cannon Cult, Crater Makers and Wind Children have it.
> for killing magician units and spying stacks, but that's it.

Yes, I would like a little more physical magic, now that you mention it. Maybe that is the solution for the Grazers -- not a shaman or even a magician unit, but a physical magician.
> > And crested dragonewts are great for allying delecti as you get a
> > and they come back again.
> Nope: only native units (i.e. Sartarite or Lunar) can be used as

They ARE native units for the Independents (in a 3-player game).
> > Yes, chaos from the Hollow, and the Footprint if the game expands
> > southwards, would be better.
> Scorpion folk in bad numbers... breed like zombies.

Not at the scale of this game -- that would take months, not days, IMO. (Delecti is not just creating new zombies, he is also bringing in zombies from the Marsh?)
> I'd like to limit the life-time of superheroes on the board. Both
> and Jar-eel have outside agendas which may call them away. Or rather,
> cause a delay in their appearance...

Now THAT is a good Random Events Table option.


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