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From: Chris Ward <cw67q>
Date: Wed Jan 18 10:51:18 2006

Hello again,

> Spirits

> Certainly, the Grazers should be able to summon the Fire Spirits from NG, or
> at least Pole Star, Morning Star and Evening Star. Would they be able to get
> hold of the Pure Horse Founder? Maybe not, as they severed their ties with
> the Pure Horse Tribe.

Something like this would work fine. Could use the currect NG counters to play around with, but give them different names if actyually making DP counters.

> > In that respect, ANYONE can summon "spirits". But, the rule in Nomad Gods
> > has long been questioned and criticized, rightfully, because it turns
> > many games into spirit games by the middle. I'd prefer to change the rule
> > so that only a shaman, magician, master of magic, or certain special
> > units could summon spirits, not just the common clans.
> Chris Ward:
> > In NG, pretty much any unit can. But all the Praxian units are practicing
> > animists with clan
> > level shaman etc. Most Dpers are not animists. I figured for spirits which
> > are summoned as
> > oppossed to emissaried only animists or perhaps "magicians" would know how
> > to peform the
> > ceremony.
> The trouble with this, in NG, is that very few clans have magicians. Looking
> at the counters, you have the Magical Societies and the Spirits, but that
> means using allied or summoned units to summon spirits, you also have the
> shamans and khans who should be able to summon spirits and the ancestors,
> protectresses and founders who also should be able to summon spirits, but are
> wasted sat in a Holy Place.

I didn't explain myself well. I meant normal clans can summon as they include their own "local" shaman etc as part of the clan counter. These guys are not powerful enough to be separate counters, they are just part of the clan counter. The shaman counter is the most powerful shaman of the tribe plus retinue.

> > I'd like to limit the life-time of superheroes on the board. Both Harrek
> > and Jar-eel have outside agendas which may call them away. Or rather, may
> > cause a delay in their appearance...
> Now, that's a good idea.

I've lost the place where it was suggested, but what I think wouldn't work is a RET entry which removed/added only one side's SH. That would be too unbalanced. Both should be added or removed at the same time.

> Other
> =====
> > > > "Careless Tork Costs Lives" (a bad pun on King Orios marching into Tork
> > and
> > > > releasing the horde) which was a three player scenario. I've never
> > played
> > > > it
> > > > through with anyone else, but it was in the Raider's Digest 1.
> > >
> > > Was it? I'll have to try and find it.
> >
> > Someone suggested putting this on-line again recently. Does anyone still
> > have the files? I
> > might still have a paper copy I could copy and send otherwise. It was a
> > little booklet which
> > we made for Convulsion in 2000.
> I've found Raider's Digest 1 in PDF. I can post it somewhere if someone can
> point me towards a good location.

If no-one comes up with a good location, I may ask you to email it to me if that is possible.

Does anyone have the files we used for the colour printers? When I printed them out they were a little too big at the time, but that could possible be adjusted.

> To tell the truth, I played the Pentians in the Balazar game once and having
> massed missile users is really effective. We had a spirit/treasure that added
> a missile to every unit stacked with it (does it come from NG or Balazar, I
> forget) and we stacked it with the double-missile units, some elves and some
> individuals, so we had 12 missile factors in a single stack. Now, that can be
> effective.

Massing them together is the only way for missiles to be effective. I also allow attackers to retreat before mellee with the same rules as defenders (ie no covering force necessary if you are faster). This helps the impala against heavy slow enemies, and I think reflects exactly what impala (and similar guys) would do, and who they work best against. (I think this is listed as one of the "rules of thumb" in tRD).

Cheers- Chris

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