Three Player game

From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Wed Jan 18 23:47:42 2006

> That's the one. When we played the 3 player game, ages ago, our DP-supremo
> always played the Independents by choice and always used this tactic to great
> effect.

In my attempts to play the three player scenario, the exiles definitely had the hardest time. One of the most difficult parts was that their capital was near the lunars and thus had to be defended near the glowline, while their major troops - the dragonnewts - had their important capital right against Sartar and thus had to defend it too or lose the reincarnation ability which made winning possible.

In all the games (about 3-4), the only way the Exiles won was to play the competing sides off against each other: "if you attack the dragon's eye I'll fully ally with the lunars and you'll lose", "if you attack Wintertop I'll ally with Sartar and you'll lose". The best way I found was to play this as much as possible while defending until one side was weaker, then attacking the stronger side. I think it's their only chance.

Any other tactics/thoughts?


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