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From: <buserian>
Date: Thu Jan 19 16:36:36 2006

Hey all, sorry for my absence (though it probably saved everyone from another 10 messages...

> > Well, I think they could warrant a shaman counter -- stats don't have
> > be exact, and they certainly wouldn't get a soul wind, but they
> > have something equivalent. My thought, however, was to change the FHQ
> > be a shaman, and make the hero be the Luminous Stallion Chief or
> > his name is. But that isn't quite right, mythically, so I would just
> > a weaker shaman.
> Well, since the FHQ is a specialist Earth Avatar, it wouldn't make
sense for
> her to be a shaman. It makes sense for the Grazers to have the Stallion
> as their hero - the equivalent of a nomad Khan.

But the FHQ is already a hero. Hmm, that might work -- what I would do, I think now, is make the Luminous Stallion King a regular hero, but make the FHQ a magical leader. After all, she holds magical authority, not corporeal. Then, either give them a weak shaman, or if not, STILL give them a couple of spirits, which you get to use if you ally the Grazers. This makes them as much a magical ally as a physical one, which I like.

> > > > I thought of having the Six Sisters as a Holy Place, maybe with
Wild Temple
> > > > and the place where Sorana Tor pops up in KoS, where Gradfather
Mortal popped
> > > > his clogs. The problem is deciding where they should be and which
> > > > should be available.
> >
> > Um, I don't think we want Arachne Solar showing up in a game of DP,
> > though. :) But, it could be a place to get the Grandmother of Spiders
> > (from Nomad Gods). Since she is available in Shadows Dance, too -- I
> > the idea that that single counter has a specific place to appear in
> > of the boardgames, has a nice feel to it.
> Arachne Solara? I thought Sorana Tor was an Earth Goddess. Grandmother
> Spiders could be available in Web Valley, near Cragspider's Castle.

No, I meant that Arachne Solar is who I would expect to be summoned at the Wild Temple, which would be bad. But getting a giant spider there, as an Arachne Solar avatar, would be cool.

Yeah, some sort of magical game, where every single spirit of any kind is available on the DP board, each sitting on a different holy place. You have to go to that holy place and either emissary, or offer a sacrifice, or something, and then you get the spirit for the rest of the game.

I'd also like to see an Inhuman Occupation era scenario of the trolls, dwarfs, and dragonewts fighting against each other, with Cragspider, the Beast-men, and maybe some proto-Grazers available as allies.

> > But, having a specific spirit available at each place can be
> > I guess in DP, we are really talking about two types of spirit --
> > spirits and random spirits. Random spirits, like Nomad Gods, are what
> > was talking about, and I still like the idea. Place spirits, like
> > of Movement, are the specific ones that everyone has named, however
> > (INCLUDING ME), so I guess they would just be allied in the normal
> > fashion. Some of them, like Chalk Man, would have limited use outside
> > their home area, however. Something to consider -- Chalk Man might be
> > powerful enough to include, but is there anything he can do for
> > that would last outside his hex? If not, no point in adding him.
> Would they be location-specific once allied? I don't know.

Some would have to be, given their nature. But maybe not, I guess it doesn't matter too much either way.

> > I would not give each side more than 4-6 traditional spirits
available to
> > them, and the Grazers get only 2-3, but there should be 6 or so
> > independents scattered around the board, like the Spirit of Movement,
> > available to anyone who comes to them. Chalk Man is one I have long
> > considered, the Six Sisters (as a single counter) could be another,
> Certainly, the Grazers should be able to summon the Fire Spirits from
NG, or
> at least Pole Star, Morning Star and Evening Star. Would they be able
to get

I am such an idiot! Of COURSE that is what we would do with them! And, of course, many other NG spirits ought to be available in DP -- Lightning Boy, Rainbow Girl, Thunder Bird (aka the Storm Eagle), Oakfed, Wild Hunter, Malia, Thed, Cacodemon. I hadn't thought this all the way through -- have 10 or 14 more specific spirits in an expanded DP, and you have probably 20 more to add from NG, and probably a few more still from Shadows Dance.

See, THIS is the main advantage of having the multiple games -- carryover of specific units.

> hold of the Pure Horse Founder? Maybe not, as they severed their ties
> the Pure Horse Tribe.

See, if the Grazers possess him he wouldn't BE the Pure Horse Founder, he would be ... whatshisname, can't remember at the moment.

It is the counter that is important, not the name.

> Other
> =====
> > > > "Careless Tork Costs Lives" (a bad pun on King Orios marching
into Tork and
> > > > releasing the horde) which was a three player scenario. I've
never played it
> > > > through with anyone else, but it was in the Raider's Digest 1.
> > >
> > > Was it? I'll have to try and find it.
> >
> > Someone suggested putting this on-line again recently. Does anyone
> > have the files? I
> > might still have a paper copy I could copy and send otherwise. It was
> > little booklet which
> > we made for Convulsion in 2000.
> I've found Raider's Digest 1 in PDF. I can post it somewhere if someone
> point me towards a good location. is where I would suggest you put it, maybe both in the DP and the NG games.

But perhaps the various authors ought to be contacted for permission first. (Chris, sorry I didn't ask you for permission to post the RET, but I knew you wouldn't mind.)

> > > I'd like to see more physical magic, in order to make the rule
> > > Right now only Cannon Cult, Crater Makers and Wind Children have
it. Nice
> > > for killing magician units and spying stacks, but that's it.
> >
> > Yes, I would like a little more physical magic, now that you mention
> > Maybe that is the solution for the Grazers -- not a shaman or even a
> > magician unit, but a physical magician.
> What would it do, though? Make the grass grow to strangle everyone or
> Kargzant's Hammer Hoof to smash a few hexes?

I was thinking one of their fire spirits, to be used to burn up a hex. But maybe not -- a leader and magical leader, and that's it, might be more appropriate. More conservatively accurate, you might say.




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