Emergency DP Question: Casualties

From: CJ <cj>
Date: Thu Jan 19 17:05:14 2006

 OK, I have my friend H coming over to play a game of DP in 20 minutes, and we have not played against each other in 15 years. :) Casualties - the defender takes losses from the top of the stack?

So if I have from top down
Harrek CF 20
Sartar Milita CF 3 +2 (for Harrek) =5
Sartar Milita CF 5 as above
Duck CF 1

and incur 10 points of losses the Sartar Militia are safe? Or do they get removed as among my top 3 main units hence committed to the battle? What is a herd worth in combat losses - or do they just stampede? (its been a while!)

If you can help, thanks muchly!
cj x

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