Emergency DP Question: Casualties

From: buserian_at_juno.com <buserian>
Date: Thu Jan 19 20:34:46 2006

Hi CJ,

On Thu, 19 Jan 2006 17:05:05 +0000 CJ <cj_at_falster23.freeserve.co.uk> writes:
> So if I have from top down
> Harrek CF 20
> Sartar Milita CF 3 +2 (for Harrek) =5
> Sartar Milita CF 5 as above
> Herd
> Duck CF 1

Some relevant rules excerpts:

>At most, three major units in each stack can fight in a melee.
>If there are more than three major units in a stack, the fourth
>major unit from the top and all other units stacked beneath it
>(whether major units or not) may not fight in a melee.

>Stacks and Casualties
>Casualties taken from a stack must be chosen from the top down.
>A unit cannot be picked to be a casualty unless all of the units stacked

>above it have been bypassed or picked to be casualties.
> Only a few types of units can be bypassed. Disembodied
>spirits can be bypassed, except in the Dead Place. Herds and units
>with zero or negative MFs can be bypassed, but they can also be
>selected to be casualties. No other types of units can be bypassed.
>A unit that is bypassed suffers no adverse effects; its CF is not added
>to the CF total of the units picked to be casualties.

> and incur 10 points of losses the Sartar Militia are safe? Or do they

> get removed as among my top 3 main units hence committed to the battle?

Yes, they are safe, since casualties must be selected from the top down. ("Taking Casualties", a couple of paragraphs before this, implies differently, but this is correct.)

> What is a herd worth in combat losses - or do they just stampede? (its
> been a while!)

>Effects of Being a Casualty
>If a unit is a casualty of a melee, it is eliminated unless it is a herd
or a
>treasure, in which case it is captured (see 7.16).
> When a defending herd or treasure is captured, the attacker
>moves the captured unit to one of the hexes occupied by attacking units
>that fought in the melee. When an attacking herd or treasure is
>the defender moves the captured unit to one of the hexes occupied by
>defending units that fought in the melee.

A herd that is selected as a casualty of melee (based on its CF, as normal) is captured instead. A herd stampedes if it is selected as a casualty of spirit magic or missile fire. (Sorry, forgot to look up physical magic, I assume that it stampedes in that case as well.)

Note -- my excerpts are from Nomad Gods 2ed, not DP itself (which I do not have electronically), so there may be slight variations, but nothing should be different in this case.



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