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Another little file featuring some incomplete retro-fitted scenarios. Not sure what's happened to the formatting. Can I do attachments to this list?

These scenarios have been written as board game versions of myHero Wars ? founding of Pavis? campaign. As such they miss outsome of the minor plots and characters in favour of a more broad-brush approach.

THE FACELESSSTATUE Lord Pavis travelled from Dragon Pass to Shadows Dance with hismotley assortment of allies. They found the Throne on which theFaceless Statue sat and brought the statue to life. Riding upon it?sshoulders Lord Pavis led his army into the Valley of Cradles where hefaced an army of animal nomads and giants opposed to his outlanderresettlement plans.

DEPLOYMENT: 1st Player (Lord Pavis)Lord Pavis FlintnailJoraz KyremHorse Clans 2nd Player (the forces of Darkness?)ShadesGrandmother of SpidersNight WomanRavenWhite PrincessDark EaterGerak Kag GAME LENGTH:?SEQUENCE OF PLAY:SPECIAL RULES: ?VICTORY CONDITIONS: Pavis - if he gets the statueDarkness - if he doesn?t

TOO TALL BATTLE The Faceless Statue carried Lord Pavis and led his army across theplains to Paragua?s Walls. His horse army defeated the animalnomads while the faceless statue wrestled with giants.

DEPLOYMENT: Lord Pavis, Statue, Horse clans, Flintnail, Mostali, EWF exiles, Animal nomads, Giants, Waha! (Or at least, his Champion)

GAME LENGTH SEQUENCE OF PLAY: SPECIAL RULES: VICTORY CONDITIONS: Lord Pavis wins if he gets intoParagua?s WallsThe nomads/giants/Waha win if he doesn?t

WELCOME TO THENEW SETTLEMENT: Many diverse peoples came to settle within Paragua?s Walls. Somemade their own way, other were guided by agents of Lord Pavis. Thehardships of the plains were a new challenge to some.

DEPLOYMENT: One player takes on the role of all those seeking to settlepeacefully in the new settlement. The other player takes on the roleof all other malignant forces, whether opposed to the actualsettlement or merely those who are merely trying to survivethemselves in the plains. Player 1; Lord Pavis welcomes new settlers. He needs farmers,warriors and magicians, nobles, philosophers and priests. Jrusteli Exiles - led by Jhostarl of Sog. People from the seabring with them knowledge, trade and contacts with far away lands.They start in either the Port of Sog or the Port of Feroda. Units: Settlers(Jhostarlof Sog) Elmali clan - led by Ferris Sunbright, this clan is seeking newlands. They have trekked across Caravan Alley, through the SacredGround and now face the harshness of the Long Dry. This unit startsanywhere within the Sacred Ground. Units: ElmalClanHorseherd(FerrisSunbright) Joraz Kyrem and the Horse Clans - reclaiming their lands from thehostile animal nomads, Lord Pavis and Stallion King Joraz Kyrem areallied and the Horse People are assisting those who come to livewithin the walls. Units:(use Dragon Pass Grazelanders?)4X Warriors5X
Scouts(DanloBrokenhoof)(KaleefSacredSkys)(JorazKyrem) Lord Pavis, Flintnail - start within Paragua?s Walls. - already the construction of the Real City has begun.River People - start on any river hex. River People - these indigenous people will trade their fish andreeds with anyone but are not liked by the animal nomads, and willnot take kindly to anyone who treats them cruelly.
Player 2; the hostile plains. Some creatures are just plain hostile to everyone; the veryelements of Prax are hostile, embodied in the form of elementaldemons. The settlers do not know the plains or from where theirenemies will come. Most units do not start on the boards. When anyenemies appear the player places them, some with specialrequirements. Hostile forces:Broos: Appears anywhere. Scorpion Men: appear in any hill or mountain hex. Dragonsnails: appear in any River or Marsh hex. Gorp: appear in any River or Marsh hex. Baboon Troop: appear in any terrain. Basmoli Berserkers: appear in any terrain.Cannibal Cult: appear in any terrain.Newtling Renegades: in any terrain.Wildfires: in any terrain.Whirlvishes: - start on the eastern map board edge. Plagues: - in any Oases, River or Marsh hex. Hyena: - appear in any terrain. GAME LENGTH: until either player has an unassailable lead.

SEQUENCE OF PLAY: Player turn sequence: RandommovementAlliancephaseMovementphaseExoticmagic phaseCombatphaseRallyphaseBookkeeping segment

SPECIAL RULES: The Elmal clan/Ferris/Horse Herd do not really know where they aregoing. Unless in the river valley or stacked with any other unit theyonly know to move north (1) east (2,3), southeast (4,5), or south (6)The various settlers come from different backgrounds and are notnecessarily friendly. Indeed, there was active rivalry between thehorse people and the horse-friendly Elmali. Only through Lord Paviscould good relations be ensured - that was his personal magic. Factional Rivalry: When two factions meet for the first time they may not reactfavourably. In the alliance phase if any units are within a move ofeach other they may use the emissary table to determine if they arefriendly or not. If the emissary would normally be eliminated thenthey are hostile and the player must hand over control of one side orthe other to the hostile player. If the alliance is refused then theycontinue to be rivals, if the alliance is granted then they act asnormal counters on the same side. Lord Pavis begins the game friendly with each faction, and if heis present during any alliance it will be successful. The ?Hostile plains? player gains one hostile counter perturn, at random from the counters available.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Lord Pavis gains two points for each valid settler that arrivessafely at the Real City. ElmalclanElmaliHorse HerdJrustelisettlers The hostile forces of Prax gain one point if Flintnail leaves thecity, for his building schedule is interrupted. They gain one pointfor every faction that becomes hostile, or that they eliminatecompletely (Elmali, Jrusteli, Riverfolk, Horse people, Flintnail).

FIRE SEASON: Oakfed opposed the new settlement but a hastily assembled allianceof magicians and warriors fought with his wildfires. Many fled, andsought only to save themselves and their herds and kin. A noble fewsought to defend the new settlement, risking their lives to fight thefire demons.

DEPLOYMENT: The Wildfire had been summoned by an Agimori Shaman who observedthe conflagration from afar.


Men and a half - start at the Place Where Sun Hawk Built his Nest.Agents of Lord Pavis - begin in the city. Independents: (DPS needed to ally)River People 10Jrusteli 15Mostali 20Elmali Clan 15Horse People 20

GAME LENGTH SEQUENCE OF PLAY: Diplomacy allocation (30pts each)Player turn sequence: RandommovementAlliancephaseMovementphaseExoticmagic phaseCombatphaseRallyphaseBookkeeping segment

SPECIAL RULES: The main part of the game which is the assembly of forces by theagents of Lord Pavis against the fear and panic generated by theferocious wildfire approaching from the south. Each player receives anumber of diplomacy points (as per Dragon Pass) which represent theefforts of the Wildfire to terrorize the population against theagents of Lord Pavis?s attempts to coordinate a defence. Asuccessful alliance by the Wildfire does not mean that thatindependent has joined forces with Oakfed but rather that they havefled, holed themselves up underground, gone upriver, or otherwiseleft everyone else to fend for themselves.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: If the wildfire is defeated then Pavis winsIf the wildfire occupies the real city, Pavis loses.

THE HEALING OFWAHA! Introduction: DEPLOYMENT: GAME LENGTHSEQUENCE OF PLAY: SPECIAL RULES: VICTORY CONDITIONS: HUNGER AND THEDARK EATER The animal nomads gathered their forces along the edges of thevalley, their shamans howling for blood and vengeance. Thedisorganised forces of the Horse People struggled to respond.Morocanth slavers eager to sacrifice to their terrible demon, theDark Eater, were the boldest in raids against the Horse People andtook captives for cruel sacrifice. The Horse People fought back. DEPLOYMENT: Horse People (use Grazelanders)Morocanth:

GAME LENGTH SEQUENCE OF PLAY: SPECIAL RULES: VICTORY CONDITIONS: QUEST TO THEGREEN AGE Introduction: DEPLOYMENT: GAME LENGTHSEQUENCE OF PLAY: SPECIAL RULES: VICTORY CONDITIONS: THE LAND OFGIANTS The Giant Boathouse was where the Elder Giants once built cradlesfor their children. In the second age the mountain giants neededassistance for many of the Elder Giants were sleeping. Lord Pavissent help.


Historical outcome


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