From: <Labrygon>
Date: Sun Jan 22 19:37:31 2006

In a message dated 23/01/2006 5:51:23 AM AUS Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> What I think would work ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, however, would be a Holy
> Country variant.

That is a good idea. I might give that a try this evening.

I had considered a Prax version, where the property would be herds, but I guess they could be grazelands, or even oases - you've got features like the Block, The Paps, Pavis. The chattel wealth trading game.

I don't think Glamour itself has much appeal, but the Lunar Empire, with Satrapies and Provinces as properties might work. Do not pass Glamour, do not collect 200 lunars. One could call it Moonopoly.


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