From: <buserian>
Date: Mon Jan 23 02:54:25 2006

Hi Keith,

On Sun, 22 Jan 2006 14:37:22 EST writes:

> I had considered a Prax version, where the property would be herds, but
> guess they could be grazelands, or even oases - you've got features
like the
> Block, The Paps, Pavis. The chattel wealth trading game.
> I don't think Glamour itself has much appeal, but the Lunar Empire,
> Satrapies and Provinces as properties might work. Do not pass Glamour,
do not
> collect 200 lunars. One could call it Moonopoly.

Ouch, that hurt.

Given the normal color coding in Monopoly, I would make each color one of the satrapies or major area (such as the provinces or the western reaches, if there are enough spaces for all of that). Thus, each satrapy would get three locations that you could control/own. If you had to, you could combine some areas. And Silver Shadow would not get normal properties, since there are few places of interest there, and all of them should be special places anyway.

The four stations could be the four greatest temples in the Empire -- one should be the greatest Reaching Moon Temple, another ... or maybe make one of them the Provincial Capital (implying that all of the provinces together really aren't even as important as one whole satrapy). Stuff like that.

What would the two card decks be?

Oooh -- and "Go directly to a Lunar Hell, do not go to Glamour, do not collect 200 Lunars" is of course the best card in the deck. Jail = Lunar Hell, with a nice picture of Sheng Seleris instead of the guy behind the bars, natch. "Go" = Glamour, maybe?

Yes, Moonopoly has great potential.


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