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Date: Mon Jan 23 16:35:28 2006


Yup, attachments can come through. What kind of file is .SXC?

> I made a stab at Prax and the Lunar Empire.
> For the Lunar Empire I went for Satraps as the colour sets, but there
> more Satraps than colours, so I dropped Kostaddi and Silver Shadow,
added the
> Tripolis. Still not happy with that.

Yeah, doesn't seem _quite_ right, although it does actually seem to fit in terms of the historical dynamics of the Empire -- traditionalists will tend to group the Tripolis together as a show of Dara Happan solidarity, rather than accept them as merely parts of other satraps.

> But being an urban society, I think cities
> fits, meaning that if you have the set you are in control of the Satrap
> then can start building not houses but Armies. So, players represent
Leagues -
> trying to 'own' Satraps. That's the thinking.

That seems perfect, in hindsight. Wish I had thought of it. :)

> I think
> the Provinces as Stations works well, get all four and they're worth
more, but
> you're never going to get a Satrap.

Yes, that's cool.

> The Utilities - Oslir as the Water Works
> was a nice fit, the Temples of the Reaching Moon, aka the Glowline, aka

> Electric Company was the best I could do.

That's PERFECT, not just "the best you could do" -- it is exactly what I would have suggested if I had remembered that Monopoly had the utilities.

> I liked the Moon as GO, "Advance to the
> Moon", but lost Glamour - perhaps Moon should be Glamour.

I think Glamour would work better -- "Go to Glamour", all expenses paid, must be the dream of most Lunars.

> I think the Crimson Bat
> as Go to Jail is a bit weak, perhaps Danfive Xaron should be there

Why not Yara Aranis, to snatch up your soul and take it to a Lunar Hell? Failing that, Danfive Xaron works better. But I prefer YA.

> but I like Pavis as the Jail option, highlighting the out of the way
nature of Pavis.

Well, the Empire has sent people to Prax as exile, but since that option is only available for 10 years in an Empire that stretches for 400, doesn't seem the greatest fit to me. :)

> For Prax, the properties are oases, the colour sets are (roughly) the
> grazeland they're in, the Stations are 'Outlands' although the Wastes
don't exactly
> fit. As currency, herd beasts, you use the herd to make warriors
instead of
> houses and if you get enough you can get a nomad god (I did think that
> of a hotel counter, you could pick a spirit from the spirit pool) . I'm
> happ with Water Works, should be some sort of water spirit, or
something, but I
> figured it should be something that provides support in chaparral,
which most
> of the great treasures do.

Why not the Zola Fel river?



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