Re: Missiles/Grazers

From: <buserian>
Date: Mon Jan 23 16:36:32 2006

Hey All,

> > Of COURSE that is what we would do with them! And, of
> > course, many other NG spirits ought to be available in DP --
> > Boy, Rainbow Girl, Thunder Bird (aka the Storm Eagle), Oakfed, Wild
> > Hunter, Malia, Thed, Cacodemon. I hadn't thought this all the way
> > -- have 10 or 14 more specific spirits in an expanded DP, and you
> > probably 20 more to add from NG, and probably a few more still from
> > Shadows Dance.
> You'd have to be careful about who got them, though. In NG, they are
> Praxians, so can access all the Praxian spirits. In DP, they are not
from the
> same culture. In the Balazar game, I have different pots for different
> spirits and you take a pick from the appropriate pot. So Grazelanders
> pick from the Grazelander pot, Beastmen from their ownm pot and so on.
> could pick from pots appropriate to places they owned, so if the
> allied the Grazers they could access Grazer spirits, but if the Lunars
> took a Grazer town, they could access spirits at that town.

Having die roll charts for spirits might work, but easier to just define spirit cups. But then, you have to have a bunch of different spirit pots. Either way, it's messy. Limited to only a few scenarios, though.

> Steve
> > > Which is actually something I have never liked. I don't suppose
> > > thinks beefing up the Missile Fire Table just a little bit would be
> > > of order?
> > >
> >
> > I agree - I think it should be beefed up. Not sure how much by
though. Not
> > twice as powerful, but maybe 50% more effective.
> I'm not sure about combining the missile and combat tables, I like them
> separate. Different phases of combat doing different things is good.

Well, right now, three phases of combat use the same table -- Physical Magic, Spirit Magic, and Melee. Only Chaotic Magic and Missile Fire are resolved differently (discounting Exotic Magic). I see no need to keep Missile Fire different.

> When I playtested the Balazar game, I had Pentian and Elven archers and
> Votanki hunters in the game, so the missile table did not really work
> massed archers. I think I had something like 15 or 20 Missile factors
> at one hex - it was difficult to do, but worth it. So, I extended the
> slightly to add more missile factor slots. I think I went up to 30,
> there was no way to get 30 Missiles in a single combat. It made them
> effective, though.

Well, I am also in favor of limiting the number of normal units that can be in a fertile hex, too. I've said it before -- I don't think you can reasonably get 10 hexes worth of soldiers into a single 30 square mile hex (or whatever it is) to allow for anything other than passing through. Once you're there, even overnight, there just isn't room for everyone and all their stuff, at least not in any way that would let even some of them fight.

OK, historical military buffs will now bring out many examples of how I am wrong.

Also, it has occurred to me JUST NOW that the support rules are a bit whacked, too. You have to have support in a chaparral hex, even if you just end your movement there, right. So that means you have to bring an entire herd of cattle with you _just to sleep overnight in a hex_ before you move on? Sounds like myth dictating game rules, which is not always the best way to do things. Maybe support should be rethought just a tad.

> I didn't actually beef up the missile effects, simply extended the
> Perhaps you could have an extra disrupted rather than no effect
mid-table. If
> you see what I mean.

Sort of, yes -- something to make missile fire a bit more effective. But I still favor eliminating missile fire as a separate set of rules, and just use one combat results table for everything except Chaotic Magic, adding Disrupt and Retreat options to that table.



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