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From: <Labrygon>
Date: Tue May 2 10:03:15 2006

In a message dated 2/05/2006 1:36:36 AM AUS Eastern Standard Time, writes:
> Whether *they* cheated, or everyone else did is another question, but if
> you're smart enough to cheat, doesn't that, ipso facto, make you people?

"My people are people and ipso facto I too am a people. My people worship Waha and follow his pathways. But I am a follower of the Dark Eater traditions."

I wasn't trying to have a variant Glorantha without Waha worshipping Morocanth, but just a Morocanth war leader following the traditions of Dark Eater, as per Sandy's article in Drastic Prax, where worshippers of Dark Eater are a significant minority.

Where My Glorantha May Vary is that I have pictured Morocanth speaking in a Dickensian style - a particular way of talking, pompous and long-winded some might say, here are some examples misquoted from Dickens:

?Train up a herd man in the way it should stand, and when youare old sit
under the shade of it?

?Here?s a rule for slave trading - ?Do men, for they would do you? That?s
the true business precept.

?He?d make a lovely corpse?

?This as all very well, Respected Elder, and very proper, so far as it goes,
so far as it goes, but it doesn?t go far enough?

?If Issary supposes that then Issary is a ass -a idiot?

?Very glad to see you, indeed, and hope our acquaintance may be a long one,
as the Goldentongue said to the Gold Wheel.?

?Grief never mended injured hamstrings?

?I must take Leave to observe, Sir, that the present juncture is much in our


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