Re: Using Chaos

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk>
Date: Sat May 13 09:37:56 2006

> You can't have it both ways -- either you hate Chaos, or you ally
> with Chaos. There is no "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"
> when it comes to Chaos.

No one ever suggested this. The idea is that instead of getting your own people infected you could drive a group of broo against an enemy, who would then hopefully kill them all and incur any losses. Whatever you do, you're gonna see to it that the broo die, but preferably at someone else's cost.

>If the simple act of commiting
>rape can transform a human into a broo, as has been stated (or at
>least implied) in past publications,

Then there'd be a lot more broo all over. One evil act ain't makin nobody no broo. You can read into a statement some such implication but with any thot you'll discount that.

>"how do I keep that many broos from running amok?" and "how do
>I round up the ones that escape if I win the battle?"

While the enemy is dealing with the broo your own people may have time to see to it that none escape.

> Except that you can't simply "clean up" the oases -- all of
> the sources make it clear that cleansing a Chaos taint from
> anything is nearly impossible, and is very clearly impossible
> without actually utterly destroying the tainted object.

Which sources are these?
How is an entire Oasis supposed to be suddenly tainted? Then the whole world is tainted as broos have been everywhere at some time. They've been to every Oasis and every place where creatures gather.

> And if even one broo escapes, then it is YOUR OWN FAULT when
> your herds and your women and your sons all die from
> broobirth in a couple of seasons. Would ANY Praxian risk that?
> More to the point, would any Waha chieftain risk it?

Heh? Broos escape. They go into hiding or in any case AWAY from you. Somehow your own people have problems from broo that've never been near them? Any how would "all" die from one broo? You're going to try to get the broo killed anyway. If you don't send them against an enemy you'll have to send your own people, who will run the risk of infection. Driving the evil against the enemy is much less risky.

> Sure, Praxians will make use of "evil" against their enemies, who
> are all evil as well. But they won't so blithely use Chaos, not in
> a million years,

This is contrary to published info.
They can and do use chaos.

> Eiritha and Storm Bull must still live, and they cannot do that if Chaos
> is allowed to run free.

Where did anyone say chaos will be allowed to run free? So far quite the opposite has been the topic.

Of course, Bulmen have a different approach. The gray area resolves into binary black and white.

If any broos survive after a fight you can tell the nearest Bullies about it while your own people keep watch to prevent the broo from escaping. If your enemy survives the broo fight you can tell the Bullies that your enemy has been associating with chaos...


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